Sustainably Jacked

Client Gains 

In the last year working with Ocean has changed not only my body composition but my mental health! After a rather intense hip surgery my confidence with my body and in the gym was gone and I felt so lost. With Ocean's help I regained confidence in many aspects of my life. I’m not afraid to step on the scale anymore, I learned so much about food and how to make progress to my goals even with a ton of social events. Also she wrote the best workouts ever that I LOVE and saw incredible progress in strength with.  

My biggest takeaway is the confidence I gained - in the gym, in my clothes, trusting myself with my nutrition, how to understand how train and just overall a happiness with myself again. 

I can’t thank her enough!!! I loved working with Ocean and how she builds a plan based on their real life schedules and ups and downs. I never HAD to eliminate certain foods, I became more informed and educated and truly that was one of my biggest confidence boosters. I have created habits and a lifestyle that will continue on even if we aren’t working together!!

- Ashley 

Working with Ocean has been the most awesome, fun and rewarding experience for me not just physically but mentally as well. I initially went to Ocean because I want to change my physique. I got stuck with a weight I thought was already “great”. I am glad I found her as a coach. We then talked on the phone, found we are great fit to work together and I worked with her for a year! I learned to love lifting more, developed a better relationship with my body and food, achieved the best body yet during our fat loss phase in time for my vacation and boudoir shoot and actually saw some abs that I thought would never ever happen! Ocean is very hands on, always available and genuinely care about her clients. She will not sugar coat and is very straight forward yet very sincere which I love about her. We were in a gaintainance phase when I got pregnant and she still was there guiding me to have a fit pregnancy! I love that I am rocking my fit mom body! 
I highly recommend you work with Ocean. She is really one of the best out there and she will change your life!

- Mindy 

“Fit over 40! I am so glad I started working with Ocean and am incredibly pleased with the progress I've had in over a year, I lost just over 30lbs and made huge strides in my strength and performance in the gym. Ocean was great at designing my strength programming in a way that accommodated for some injuries I had been working through. My workouts were awesome and I loved seeing my body change. Her guidance with the nutrition was also very helpful as I had always done meal plans. Actually learning how to fuel my body and my training sessions helped me progress in a big way.  I loved the accountability, structure and guidance and highly recommend the program.”

- Patrick 

"Just like you said I would (if I did the work) I'm feeling and looking stronger. When I first started working with Ocean I had been second guessing myself because I wasn't sure what the right plan for me to follow was. I knew I wanted to get a training program and nutrition plan going that was specific to my goals and to the look I’m going for which is having less overall body fat and more muscle definition. I am excited to be seeing results! I have leaned out during the recomp phase we did and love that can see my arms getting defined and even my abs are getting defined which is really hard for me to do. I am feeling comfortable in a bathing suit again which is awesome."
- Emily

" You aren’t just getting a trainer who is going give you a workout/nutrition plan and tell you to figure it out. Ocean is the MVP coach whose going to help you throughout the entire process, nutrition, programming, lifestyle, mindset, food relationship. Having her support has been a game changer in my health and fitness journey and just the direction of my life in general. I truly didn't know what I was capable of and exceeded all my expectations. "   

- Luke 

" It’s been a year since I started working with Ocean and the gains have been great! I knew all about counting macros, how to maintain a calorie deficit, and I had just started competing in Pole Dance competitions a few months earlier. I was looking for a coach to help me build a strength training program to complement my pole training, find a nutrition plan that was flexible enough to would help me remove the food focus that I felt surrounded in each day.

Ocean delivered on everything we talked about during our vibe check. We worked through my food rules, she helped me to understand that life is about balance and averages and missing a box every once in awhile doesn’t derail progress. I spent months eating at maintenance and even gained some weight, all the while starting to lift heavy weight and visibly being able to see my muscle grow.

I understood these things take time, but I felt like I had already put my time in! I had been working out and “dieting” for YEARS. I really gained an appreciation for periodization, and an understanding that losing fat and gaining muscle are competing goals. Embracing my body’s changes was so a hard part of the process. I stored away clothes and bought clothes that fit my body comfortably.

Ocean supported me through a 12 weeks deficit and I cut ~15 pounds. It was the best “diet” experience I’ve ever had. I was still able to eat filling meals. There was no off limit foods. It wasn’t about watching the scale drop, there wasn’t a goal weight, just a time line for how long the cut was going to last. I will never say it was EASY, but it was manageable."

- Erin 

"I have really enjoyed working with Ocean. I love that I have been able to be honest and upfront with her, she is super friendly, down to earth and I've never felt afraid to ask her opinion or questions. Ocean is way more hands on than the previous coach I had and I have had a significant change in my body composition. I have lost fat and kept muscle. It has been a huge eye opening experience to learn about nutrition and how to actually eat for my goals. I have gained so much knowledge on how to eat and train and love that I'm feeling way more confident in my fitness journey."
- Kelly